Arts, Crafts & Cultural Activities


Ha Lejone has a group of ladies who have come together to form the Phahamang Hand Crafts Association. These ladies produce various items of traditional Arts and crafts, comprising mainly Lesotho’s traditional hat (the Mokorotlo), table mats, various types of baskets, wall decoration, floor mats, etc.

Guests are encouraged to visit the Association and see the ladies at work. Where required, motebong lodge will arrange for these visits, with prior notice.


The GRO Artisans Collective

En route to Ha Lejone, guests are encouraged to visit the GRO Artisans Collective group. Located behind the Craft Centre in Hlotse, Leribe, the group has retail outlets in various parts of Lesotho. The group is a project partner of The Global Relief Outreach Foundation, a local non-profit organisation that provides the ladies/members with business training and marketing support.

The group is made up of artisan collective of mothers in Leribe, Lesotho affected by HIV/AIDS. As unemployed women, they design and produce jewellery to care for their families, send their children to school, and support their medical care requirements.

By purchasing their jewellery, you are supporting their families, their children and their dreams. For more info on their products, please see their catalogues at the following link.


There are special cultural evenings/afternoons, depending on the time of the year and weather conditions and temperatures. However, at motebong lodge you can and often do experience different seasons/weather conditions in one day!

At the events there is a wide display of traditional games, cultural events such as the ‘Mokhibo’, a women’s dance, and the Men’s ‘Mohobelo’ dance, and all of these are expertly done by members of the community.

In addition to the traditional games and dances, there will often be on offer some traditional delicacies such as ‘Mangangajane’ (dried fruit) Libapi, etc, and these depending on the season.