Ha Lejone is a small village with a population of approximately 10, 000. It is located on the banks of the Malimabatso River – the point where the river flows into Katse Dam, and is along the main road from Hlotse to Katse Village in the district of Leribe. In fact, it is 15 kilometres east of the Mafika Lisiu Pass and about 13 kilometres from the entrance to the Bokong Nature Reserve and its visitors’ centre.

Although a small village, it is a vibrant community with a number of small retail outlets and one or two local “Shebeens” – popular destinations for those going out on horseback. There are numerous little villages in the highlands surrounding Ha Lejone, and members of those communities use Ha Lejone as a hub, a place to do their shopping, to bring their crops for selling, etc. and the place where they secure transport down to the lowlands.

The community is friendly and always excited to see visitors who are in the area. The staff of Motebong is all from Ha Lejone, and we try and use the village and its inhabitants in any initiatives we undertake.