Hiking Katse Dam

The Lesotho highlands are well-known for their terrain, which invites those keen on hiking. These can range for short hikes around the camp, a few kilometres outside the camp to longer excursions in and around the Bokong nature reserve. Guides are available to accompany guests and they are remunerated a nominal amount for this.

Hiking in the Bokong Nature reserve, which is located some 15 kilometres from the village, is controlled by the Parks Board staff, located at the Visitors centre, and there is another nominal charge for entry into the reserve. Guides there also charge a nominal charge. Where there are larger groups who wish to take hikes accompanied by guides into the reserve, it is advisable, once again that arrangements are made prior to arrival at the village.

We have an additional 15 kilometre hiking trail that goes across the dam and back. The scenery on this route is fantastic and one is advised to bring their cameras along

Hiking around the Katse Dam has so much to offer.