Winter Sports

Whilst there isn’t a ski resort in Ha Lejone, guests to Motebong enjoy the winters in the snow in Ha Lejone, which although cold, make the visits enjoyable. Walks through the snow are memorable and of course the young ones get creative about the snow.

Lesotho has the only one operational Ski resort at Afri-Ski some 70 kilometres away from Ha Lejone. There is a fair to rough (but not extreme) gravel road from Motebong via the B804 to the A1 onto Afri-ski – the last 17 kilometres is tarred. The gravel road generally requires a vehicle with a good clearance. However, at times of heavy snow or rainfalls, enquiries should be made about the current condition of the road, as it may then only be drivable by using a 4-wheel drive vehicle. We have guests who use Motebong as their base when coming to Lesotho to ski, and as it is equidistant to Katse dam wall, it allows them to also make that visit during their stay.