Directions to motebong lodge


GPS Co-ordinates: 29°06’09.44”S  28°30’10.09” E

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Travel from Maseru

One gets to motebong lodge by land (car, bus, etc) and can do so from various directions. Visitors from South Africa can drive to Maseru, and then drive north on the Main North 1 (past Teyateyaneng, Peka and Maputsoe to Hlotse. At Hlotse, one then turns right towards Katse passing through the town of Pitseng and travelling over the stunning Mafika Lisiu pass and on to Ha Lejone. The distance from Hlotse to Ha Lejone is approximately 70 kilometres with about 40 of these being steep and winding inclines or descents. In the village of Ha Lejone, there is a left turn down a gravel road and the village is about 2 kilometres from this turn off.


Alternatively, one can drive to Ficksburg in the Free State province of South Africa and then travel across the border to Maputsoe. From there, one drives approximately 8 kilometres until one reaches the T-Junction at the Main North 1. Here one turns left and drives approximately 15 kilometres to Hlotse, where a right turn then takes one on to the road to Katse Dam and Ha Lejone village. The directions are then as above.

Visitors can also drive from the South African town of Bethlehem to Fouriesburg, across the border and on to the town of Butha Buthe. From there, a right turn will take visitors to the Leribe town of Hlotse, where the road is then followed as above to the town of Ha Lejone. The travel time from Bethlehem is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.

4-Wheel Drive Routes

For the 4×4 enthusiasts, the following routes can be used to get to Ha Lejone and motebong lodge:

  • Sani Pass – One route is from Sani Pass is via Mokhotlong on the A1 and turning left just past the Letseng Mine onto the B804 towards Kao mine. This road is now tarred from Sani Top to Mapholaneng just past Mokhotlong, leaving just a few Kilometres to Letseng Mine as a gravel road. The turn-off  to Ha Lejone is just past Letseng Mine and before the Tlaeeng pass (rated as the highest driveable pass in Africa) – look out for the Kao Mine sign and the motebong lodge sign. From the turn-off it is approximately 60 Kilometres of fair to rough gravel road to Ha Lejone. This section could take 2 hours with photo stops. The drive from Sani Top to Motebong can now be done in less than 4.5 hrs.
  • Sani Pass – Thaba Tseka, Katse to Ha Lejone – this is a moderate off- road accept during times of heavy rain fall and during heavy snow falls. Visitors are advised to allow for a long drive if they do this trip to Motebong at one go. This trip can be 7 – 8 hours.
  • Caledonspoort – From Caledonspoort an alternative 4×4 route is to turn left at Butha Buthe onto the A1 towards Mokhotlong turning right towards Kao just after Tlaeeng Pass (and before Letseng Mine) and about 17 Kilometre past Afri Ski. The route is not extreme but offers some unique scenery but can be challenging with rain or snow falls. There is limited traffic on this route, which is mainly to the Kao and Liqhobong mines, but there is cell phone coverage for most of the route.

Selected Travelling distances and times

  • Bethlehem to motebong lodge 170 kms; Driving time approximately: 3hrs;
  • Caledonspoort border post to motebong lodge 110 kms; Driving time approximately: 2hrs;
  • Hlotse to motebong lodge 72kms; Driving time approximately: 1hr 30mins;
  • Police control post (below the Mafika a Lisiu pass) to motebong lodge 27km; Driving time approximately: 45mins. It is 10.5kms to the top of the pass from this point;
  • Bokong Visitors centre to motebong lodge 14km; Driving time approximately: 20mins.
  • Maseru to motebong lodge 170 kms; Driving time approximately: 3.5hrs.
  • Johannesburg (via Bethlehem) to motebong lodge 460 kms; Driving time approximately: 5.5hrs;”

Travel Tips

  • The Lesotho customs laws prohibit the importation of eggs and all forms of alcohol regardless of quantity.
  • Have your traffic triangle handy for inspection by traffic authorities.
  • If you come across a Police check point pleasestop next the Police stop sign and don’t move until you are flagged on.
  • SA Rands are accepted at all shops as tender.
  • There is an ATM at Ha Lejone and it accepts SA and other foreign cards.