Hayden Quinn

Hayden Quinn, a recent finalist in the MasterChef Australia competition was recently at Motebong to learn about the community of Ha Lejone, the traditional food of the Basotho, and the trout in Katse Dam, both wild and produced by the Katse Fish Farms. His visit as sponsored by Woolworths, and he was accompanied by the producers of Top Billing, Top Travel and Pasella, well-known TV programmes in Southern Africa.

During his stay at motebong lodge, and with interpretation by Bahlakoana Mokoteli, he was introduced to the Basotho pony, learnt what the Basotho prepare and how this is prepared by ‘M’e XX, and then introduced to the Trout from Lesotho. A highlight of his visit has to be his meeting with the Chief of Ha Lejone, honourable ‘M’e XXX. His visit to Motebong was all filmed with the programme to be aired in September or thereabouts.

Hayden and his team also visited Katse Village and the Katse Dam wall where they were given permission to do some filming by the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority, custodians of the Dam. Motebong thanks Ms. Refiloe Tladi (CEO of the LHDA) and her team for this.

Images supplied by Hayden Quinn

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