Among the pleasures of Motebong is the increased sightings of our ‘feature bird’ the malachite sun bird and its previously very rare female partner. This increase in the numbers of this nectarivorous species is the direct result of the successful propagation of ‘red hot poker’ flower at Motebong Lodge, itself now an important feature of the Motebong summer.

The malachite sun bird and partner Lesotho

The malachite sun bird and partner.

Another nectarivorous friend of the red hot poker Lesotho

Another nectarivorous friend of the red hot poker


The female (above) is more attractive than is generally acknowledged. However, because its shyer that the male species, it is rarely seen and when cited does not allow a close viewing. 

Birds Motebong Lesotho

Bird Lesotho

Plants Motebong

birds Katse Dam.jpg

Nest of the ‘Mamasiannoka - hammer kop

Nest of the ‘Mamasiannoka – hammer kop.

Eagle Katse

Motebong Mountain Lodge

Motebong Lodge Katse Dam












Recently propagated “sereleli’ – ‘pigs ears’. More of these will be found in the lodge grounds.