The relatively little know Ha Koasa pass to the west of Mafia Lisiu pass is a hidden jewel for those looking for an off-road challenge with breathtaking scenery.

Groups of off-road bikers and some 4×4 vehicles have been testing their skills and patience, taking long hours enjoying and conquering this trail.

From the Ha Lejone and 4 kilometres from Motebong lodge, turning away from Katse Dam, the track starts as a moderate to tough and then extreme off-road. This offers opportunities for fishing and picnicking along the Pelaneng river valley over the first few kilometres, with the trail becoming progressively more challenging on the longer extreme off-road trail.

Pelaneng river, rich in trout, is a tributary of the Malibamatso river which was dammed to form Katse Dam.

For the full extreme trail, starting from the village of Pitseng – also called London, the trail goes up the testing Ha Koasa pass and then along the Pelaneng river valley, ending at Ha Seshote village at the confluence of the Pelaneng and Malibamatso rivers.

The track ends on the B804 along the Malibamatso river as it becomes Katse dam and 4 kilometres from Motebong lodge where a well-earned cold beer, hot shower and rest (in that order!) can be found.