Katse dam accommodation & Facilities

The evenings at Motebong can either be spent in guests’ chalets, or socialising with other guests in the entertainment area. This constitutes the bar and the restaurant.

Katse dam accommodation & facilities

Bar/Entertainment Centre

Motebong lodge has a bar in the entertainment area


The bar also possesses the only television in the compound which is shared by all. We have the full MultiChoice DSTV bouquet, thus ensuring that everybody is catered for, including the young ones who need their different programmes. Saturday afternoons are usually for the sports fanatics with either Soccer or Rugby being the sports being watched passionately!


Motebong’s restaurant has come to be known and frequented by guests and those passing through Ha Lejone because of its cuisine. It is especially well-known for its fresh Trout sourced in the dam. It has an extensive menu, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner, but with flexible hours of operation. Where there are larger groups, buffets can be provided and are in fact recommended to ensure that meals are prepared and available in a timely manner. A typical a-la-carte menu is as illustrated below.


Lapa/Braai/Barbeque Area

Waterfront lapa - Katse Dam - Lesotho

Whilst most of the chalets have exclusive braai/barbeque areas, the village has a Lapa and braai/barbeque area down on the edge of the dam. This is for the exclusive use of guests of the village, whether they be small parties or families, or indeed larger groups. Guests are free to prepare and cater for themselves at the Lapa/Barbeque area or utilise the services of Motebong’s restaurant.

Groups preferring the use of the restaurant can have their braais prepared for them by our staff nearer the entertainment. This allows them to use the bar whilst waiting their meals.

Other Facilities

Telephone & Fax

motebong lodge has a telephone and fax but this is not for the general public except in the case of an emergency. Lesotho has two cellular telephone networks, these being Vodacom Lesotho and Econet Lesotho. International guests wanting to use their mobile phones must ensure they have activated their International dialling and roaming with their home networks before they come into Lesotho. Alternatively, they can purchase SIM cards for either of the local networks and then make their calls that way. These are available in the bar.

With the Local SIM Cards, one is able to purchase airtime for their calls, and convert some of this into data for e-mail and other internet services on their mobile phones and other devices.



motebong lodge operates an internet café in the entertainment area, where guests can purchase vouchers from Reception. These vouchers can then be used on the computers in the entertainment area or on their personal devices (laptops, mobile devices, etc.).

Because of our location in the highlands, we find that at times the internet and/or the cellular phone networks are down. This is especially so during the winter months when it begins to snow.


Bedding in the chalets is changed daily with the exception of those few holidays when the housekeeping staff is given time off. We do not offer a laundry service but our housekeeping staff can, on occasion, assist guests with their laundry, the cost for this being determined by them and the amounts paid being passed on to them.

Medical Assistance

motebong lodge is located some 20 kilometres from the nearest clinic at ‘Mamohau, which has a number of doctors and nurses based there. The nearest hospital is based in Hlotse, Leribe, and some 70 Kilometres from Ha Lejone.