Hiking and bird-watching on Katse Dam


We are emerging from a winter that did not give us much snow and the thrills that go with the snow, but all is not lost!

As the trees start threatening to show early shoots and the birdlife starts to make its presence felt with the early-morning wake-up calls, the highlands have other pleasures on offer.

Hiking is becoming a popular activity in the mountains around Motebong lodge, with the extra-ordinary scenery on offer as well as the rare birdlife unique to the highlands.

This an exciting time to come and spoil one’s self with the hikes in these pleasant environment with clean air and to test your knowledge with identifying the birds of the highlands.

As night fall comes, see the special moon sittings as well as the stars gazing in opportunities that the lowlands do not offer!

It is time to consider a break in the Lesotho Highlands on Katse Dam.

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Bird watching, Hiking

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