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At the start of February, we were getting increasingly concerned with reports of a dangerous virus that had closed-down a city in China. For a while it seemed to be far away problem but that comfort soon fell-away. By the second half of the month we had adopted our first Covid-19 prevention measures, with a supply of clean water and soap outside our bar and restaurant.
During the first few days enforcing compliance with hand washing were tough for our security officers with some guests feeling insulted by the requirement. (We trust they now thank us). It helped that we had the SA Rowing Olympics team on high altitude training camp, who set a good example complying with the hand washing requirement – thanks to the influence of the team doctor Dr Danielle Lincoln, who is also always an important resource for us at the Motebong Lodge.

Our hand washing point.

In addition to the hand washing station at the entrance, we embarked on a regular disinfecting drive inside the bar and restaurant – bar tops, dining tables, chairs, door handles etc. as well as at the living units. We also introduced hand sanitisers at the main gate for all those entering the premises.

Before proceeding on lockdown, we did some thorough cleaning. We believe that with necessary care there will be life after Covid-19 and we will be ready to serve.

We are reminded that, as we go through difficult times, there are always some with greater needs than ours. On the 21st April, the directors of Motebong Lodge decided to drop-off food parcels to the needy at three villages in the vicinity of the lodge – a heart-warming experience.

Receiving some of the supplies for the food parcels.

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