Our snow season is normally from June to August. This year we had unusually early snow falls in April and some light snow in June.

Snow Lesotho 2017

Forecasts show some additional light snow falls in the first and last weeks of July and possibly the first week of August. These light snow falls are unlikely to be disruptive to the extent of making travel impossible – provided all-wheel, 4×4 and possibly front-wheel drive vehicles are used.

The light snow will likely be sufficient to allow some snow experience, including the building of snow creatures, ‘friendly’ snow fights and light snowboarding on the slopes (own equipment).

The Afriski resort which is located some 70 Kilometres. from us hosts formal skiing and has instructors as well as rental skiing equipment for those without equipment and accepts day visitors. Motebong Lodge can help with reservations for day visits by our guests where required.

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