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Formerly known as Motebong Village, Motebong Lodge is now a family business operated by a family that enjoys the serenity and beauty of the Lesotho highlands and we are proud to make it possible for our guests to enjoy the Katse dam area.

Located on the up-stream end of Katse Dam, Motebong Lodge is ideally located for a day trip to the Katse dam wall and Botanical gardens at Bokong as day excursions, while giving access to a number of fishing, boating, horse riding and hiking spots around the lodge.

Motebong lodge is also a destination well suited for high altitude training, company breakaways, film shoots and for the bird watchers on the look-out for the rare and at times extinction threatened mountain species such as the bearded vulture – the lammergeyer.

While offering self-catering units, with our bar and restaurant offering delicious meals and a good range of drinks including our famous fish dish and the Motebong bomb cocktail, we are also an ideal destination for bikers who do not carry supplies.

The Motebong lodge photographer has been a guide to many on the best landscape photography sites in the area – a pleasure for photographers. He has also successfully assisted Giant films as location scout on a film shoot for their February 2016 Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) advert shoot around Katse Dam.

We are also proud hosts of many company break-away and team building sessions.

One of the key values of Motebong lodge owners is developing local skills and creation of employment in the Malibamatso Valley that forms Katse Dam. Motebong is thus committed to recruiting and training staff from Ha Lejone and surrounding villages. To this end, we also endeavor to create a warm working environment which we hope our guests also experience the warmth through the treatment they receive from our staff.

Staff getting the braai ready for a staff party after a hectic season.

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Motebong Lodge offers an array of activities for all of our valued guests. Located on the banks of the Katse dam, our unique location offers our guests days filled with adventure or relaxation!

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