Driving tips for Lesotho

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  • Be mindful of slippery conditions (black ice) when driving early morning or evenings, especially in shaded areas in the highlands.
  • Snow can hamper driving and absolute care should be taken when driving in snow – avoid experimenting with 4×2 rear wheel drive vehicles in snow.
  • Plan to reach your destination well before sun-set – rescue missions are difficult to mount during winter nights.


  • Most roads in the rural areas do not make provision for pedestrian and animals. Unfortunately, this results in pedestrians and animals having to share roads with motor vehicles – a little patience will help.
  • Giving handouts sweets etc. to children and headboys is strongly discouraged – we can all do without creating an expectation of sweets and goodies from tourist cars.


  • Be careful to stop at the stop sign until flagged-on.
  • The speed limit is 80Kph on open roads and 50Kph in built-up areas.
  • *Traffic offences are to be paid at the nearest police station, Lesotho Revenue authority offices or at sub-accountancy offices against an issued ticket listing an offence.
  • As everywhere in the world, politeness and good humour always win the day.

There is a firm commitment from the Lesotho Police Services to eliminate all forms of harassment of travelers. Any deviation from what is stated above or concern with intimidation should be reported to one of the following; Head of Police Butha Buthe – 22 400 285 Leribe head of Police -22 400 340, Mokhotlong head of Police – 22 920 366, Lesotho Tourist Development Corporation (LTDC), Motebong Lodge 59744567 – thankfully, in the last 4 years we have not had a complaint from a guest to Motebong Lodge.

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If you are not familiar with the driving etiquette in Lesotho, please read Tips for driving in Lesotho


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Motebong Lodge offers an array of activities for all of our valued guests. Located on the banks of the Katse dam, our unique location offers our guests days filled with adventure or relaxation!

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