Katse Dam | Lesotho

An early morning hike allows for interesting views of the dam and the surrounding areas.

Fuelling on traditional provisions – lipabi and seqhaqhabola, ahead of a hike.

With different routes available, it is important to agree on the route for the day.

Sometimes a little help from a friend is appreciated.

The local community is always willing to share their natural spring water.

How high are we?

The routes have differing degrees of excitement!

Arriving back at the lodge you know it was worth the effort.

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If you are not familiar with the driving etiquette in Lesotho, please read Tips for driving in Lesotho


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Motebong Lodge offers an array of activities for all of our valued guests. Located on the banks of the Katse dam, our unique location offers our guests days filled with adventure or relaxation!

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Motebong Lodge, Katse Dam , Lesotho