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Ha Lejone Village / Katse Dam | Lesotho

In Mashili street Ha Lejone we find Mme Machakale Mashili, a self-taught propagation practitioner, with the kharetsa aloe as her plant of choice. This is an evergreen succulent that grows in unique spiral patterns and is endemic to Lesotho highlands. This very popular plant is now endangered and consequently protected by law.

Recognising her love for the plants and a contribution she was making in the preservation of the plant genetic resources of the Highlands of Lesotho, the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) gave her further exposure in propagation and subsequently licensed her to sell the otherwise protected aloe that she loves so much – she has not looked back.

Spiral aloe, Katse Dam

Mme Machakale with adult plants and a view of her babies.

The lady is the pride of Ha Lejone and is worth a visit. Call her at +266 6308 5529/5059 4294 or ask Motebong Lodge +266 5974 4567 to facilitate.

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