Summer has come and we have enjoyed the warmth, we saw the rains with streams and min falls flowing down the eye-catching, sometimes-misty mountain side, the green pastures with the breath-takingly beautiful highlands flowers along with the birdlife they attract. Soon the highlands trees and flowers will be shedding their leaves and some becoming dormant as Autum draws close and in readiness for the winter months. 

Mokhabebe flower of the highlandsMokhabebe-flower-of-the-highlands

The question we are now asking is, with the current level of rainfall that has Katse dam still hovering around 100% capacity in February and the attendant moisture is, are looking at good snow falls this winter?  Well, let us leave the forecasting or speculation to others and stay in the lane of what we know best – what  the highlands offer without fail.  

What we know is our guests can enjoy a boat ride to island during the cooler breeding season of the white breasted cormorant and see the nests with their young ones and the dozens of colonies of other large water birds including the grey heron, the southern ibis and different species of ducks and geese. The trip is quite an experience!

Bird IslandBird Island

If not taking your boat to Bird Island, winter is great for trout fishing from the shores of the dam or on rivers flowing into the dam or on the dam by own boat or by kayaks rented from the lodge – the kayaks can also be rented for site-seeing.

Kayak rented from the lodge

If in luck, and that is not altogether unlikely between the months of June and August, one can wake-up to what might seem to be an early sun-rise, only to realise that it is the signs of a scene from wonderland – there is snow outside!

Plan ahead, think of the Lesotho highlands and the Katse dam route, best experienced from the comfort and warmth of Motebong Lodge, even on those snow-covered days.

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