Biker Rescued by Mamohau Hospital

Ha Lejone / Lesotho

On Saturday the 29th October we received a group of biker guests who had been booked with us for a number of months prior to arrival and were well expected. Starting from Sani Pass that morning, they arrived slightly later than we expected. We soon learnt that their ride had been ‘an eventful affair’!

The plan was to ride up Sani Pass and then proceed on the A1 past Mokhotlong turning-off left into the B804 towards Kao Mine and Ha Lejone just past Letseng Diamond Mine. From this point it is a 61km ride over a scenic road, travelling past the Kao Diamond mine and over the Malibamatso river to Motebong Lodge on Katse dam Ha Lejone – a route well suited for the powerful off-road bikes the bikers were using.

Unfortunately, advise tendered by an un-informed though presumably well intending individual in Mokhotlong town led to the bikers changing their plans, resulting in them taking a much longer – though still scenic route, via Butha Buthe town. From there the route goes to the town of Leribe, there turning left onto the B25, through Pitseng and up the spectacular 10km long Mafika Lisiu pass (3090m) to Motebong lodge Ha Lejone, increasing the travel distance by 130km!

Upon arrival at Motebong lodge, a second mishap was uncovered, that one of the bikers had an accident coming up Sani Pass earlier in the day. A bone pushing a shirt around the shoulder suggested a dislocated or broken bone! While the biker had ridden all the way from Sani Pass, the pain was now un-bearable as was the concern with not knowing the extent of the injury – I suppose the concern gets worse when you are ‘in the middle of nowhere’!

Well! As our biker guests soon discovered Motebong lodge on Katse dam with a Mamohau hospital nearby is not the middle of nowhere!

After a short drive to Mamohau hospital in the Motebong lodge bakkie, the patient was registered and ready for the consultation having paid a fee M25.00. The on-call doctor, Dr. Vincent was available within minutes (on a Saturday afternoon – after payday!) and so was his radiologist.

There is nothing but appreciation for the good service provided by Mamohau hospital staff!

All smiles – Dr. Vincent and his Biker patient – x-ray and medication in hand (no broken bones)

The patient in the Motebong lodge lapa, a cold Maluti beer in hand and more peaceful

The bikers Setting off after an early breakfast

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