It is that time of the year again!

Motebong Lodge / Katse dam / Lesotho

The lights that remind us that it is time for a well- deserved break. Think of Motebong lodge!

Come and say Hi to our new arrival –‘Tsiki’ (short for Tsikitlana the Sesotho name for the flower Terracotta Gazania.

It might also be time to conquer the mountains as you go hiking!

Enjoy the worry-free stay with our friendly security staff looking after you.

Experience the warmth of the housekeeping staff and their well-kept accommodation units.

The scenery on the way to the lodge will not disappoint!

Find Motebong Lodge

If you are not familiar with the driving etiquette in Lesotho, please read Tips for driving in Lesotho


Experience Katse Dam | Lesotho

Motebong Lodge offers an array of activities for all of our valued guests. Located on the banks of the Katse dam, our unique location offers our guests days filled with adventure or relaxation!

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Motebong Lodge, Katse Dam , Lesotho