The first quarter flew past at Motebong Lodge

Katse Dam | Lesotho

It is not so long ago when we were saying bye to spring hello to summer and already we are almost saying hello to Winter. As the saying goes; ‘time flies when you are having a good time!’

As we celebrated the end of the year, we also hosted one of the biggest hiking groups (over 30 in the group), fuelled by motoho and sustained by lipabi on the hike, all going at the same time on a 4.5-hour hike. The Sesotho beer at the end was the highlight for some – what fun it was!

As the year progressed, we hosted our usual friends Trollope mining then the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) and off course, welcomed home SArowing on their first high altitude training camp of the year.

We have also been a host to a number of motor cyclist groups over the festive season as well as in the first quarter of the year, a welcome new addition to our regular guests list.

The new challenge however, was agreeing to host a wedding.

The dining area was set!

Then the wedding ceremony on the shores of Katse dam.

The outgoing head of STATSSA Pali Lehohla with the incoming head RIsenga Maluleke as special guests at the wedding.

Some traditional dancing to grace the occasion.

And we still had the rowing team along with the wedding party and the horse men – what an event it turned out to be and our abundant peach trees did not disappoint, providing provision for the road!

With a very busy Easter weekend and the equally busy SA freedom day weekend now past, we are now well on the way to an exciting winter experience. With recent good rains, the dam level is once more up, we are set for a good boating and fishing experience on the dam. Because of the high moisture content, good snows are also possibility.

The flurry of bookings for the winter holidays suggests that our guests also expect good snows – what a blessing it would be to have good snows as this would mean good harvests for our farmers’ as well, nala!

ROAD CONDITIONS: The B804 connecting the A1 – Butha Buthe to Sani Pass to the B25 from Hlotse to Katse dam via Kao diamond mine remains useable with our guests having used over the last weekend of April. The 18km stretch from Malibamatso river crossing to Motebong Lodge requires patience and best driven in a 4×4 vehicle or a front wheel drive vehicle with good clearance.

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